Providing you with the latest technology ensures the highest quality of craftsmanship at the very best price.  Maintaining the newest technology and ensuring our operators are fully trained on the equipment, helps Hess Precision Laser to meet or even exceed your job requirements. We are always striving to satisfy our customers needs and wants, thanks to our latest technology we can better reach that goal. Please see below to see what equipment we have in our facility! 

Our technology includes the following:

Mitsubishi Laser:

In addition to an older Mitsubishi model, we now have the ML3015eX. This laser is unlike most in the case that it is automated meaning it has the ability to run 24/7. The eX series provides faster movement, more powerful piercing and an eco mode that reduces costs while the machine is running; making Hess Precision Laser, Inc. extremely competitive in pricing. Not to mention the fact that we have two machines, making it easier to get your product done faster. 

Amada Break Press:

Just like our laser cutters we have two press breaks, an older Amada Model as well as a newer Amada break press model HFE M2 2204. This break press is more beneficial because it is bigger and our forming options are more limitless. Thanks to new technology we can set up specifications for bends more easily and more quickly. We are able to bend parts faster, which means getting them into your hands faster. Because we have two press breaks we can get parts bent at a faster pace helping to reduce your overall forming cost. 

Flow Water Jet:

In addition to our Mitsubishi lasers, Hess Precision Laser, Inc. has a Water Jet model Mach 4 4020c. Thanks to this addition to our equipment list we are now able to cut material thicknesses up to 5″ making us your go-to provider for most, if not all of your material laser cutting projects.

LaserQC Scanner:

Hess Precision Laser, Inc. has a LaserQC Scanner, which means we can scan any existing flat part or scan and verify new parts. Having a scanner gives us the option to do a larger variety of projects. This Laser Scanner gives us the flexibility to reverse engineer parts quickly and accurately so that your  plant or facility can get back online quickly with minimal down time. 






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