Providing you with the latest technology ensures the highest quality of craftsmanship at the very best price.  Maintaining the newest technology and ensuring our operators are fully trained on the equipment, helps Hess Precision Laser to meet or even exceed your job requirements.

Our technology includes the following:

Laser Cutter:

Model Amada LCV3015B2, CO2 laserModel Amada LCV3015B2, CO2 laser
High Production machine (1-1000 pieces) 3000Watts
Single Part precision + – 0.002 inches
Part to Part Precision 0.0008 inches
Water assisted Cutting
Table Size of 60X120 inches
Contact and Capacatance heads
High Speed Shuttle assist
Cut any Material
Total CNC support 

Laser Cutter:

Model Mitsubishi 2512 HC, CO2 laserModel Mitsubishi 2512 HC, CO2 laser
Specialize in fixtures and prototypes
1600 Watts and 3600 watts pulse
Single Part precision + – 0.002 inches
Part to Part Precision 0.0004 inches
Table Size 48X96 inches
Cut any material
Total CNC support



Model Amada Brake Press2Brake Press:

Model Amada Brake Press
High Precision Forming machine
50 Ton capacity with a six foot bed
Total CNC support