• Address: 4747 Suite D Stratos Way, Modesto CA. 95355
  • Certified: ISO 9001: 2019

Hess Precision Laser, Inc. now offers the most top-of-the-line safes on the market! Fully manufactured in-house with a unique door mechanisms that is patented so that it can remain original. These safes are unlike any other because they are protected with a casing of 3/16″ P.O. Plate and is lined with 14 GA stainless steel. These safes come in three sizes, the smallest which is our Excalibur 2 line, our medium size safe which is our Excalibur 1 line, and then we have our largest safe, our Excalibur 3D series. This safe weighs in at 1,739 pounds. You can customize your safe by choosing how many shelves you want, which lock you would prefer, and the color handle along with many other options!

Check out the link below to begin your quest for the most durable safe you will ever own. Protect your guns with the best quality possible.