• Address: 4747 Suite D Stratos Way, Modesto CA. 95355
  • Certified: ISO 9001: 2019

After working actively in the technical department of various companies, Randy Hess founded Hess Precision Laser, Inc. in 1994. Since then, Randy has been serving the industry by offering one-of- a-kind products and services. His extensive experience of catering to the vast needs of the commercial sector has made him a shining star.
Hess Precision Laser, Inc. provides valuable services to design, program and produce products with the help of laser cutting technology. With customer-oriented approach and an aim to bring change in the working style of the current commercial sector, the company has earned a long list of happy customers and now growing day by day.
The utmost quality of Hess Precision lies in working aspects which focuses on achieving accuracy and precision while working on any project. The products or tasks performed by our company`s professionals are crosschecked multiple times to make sure that every dimension and detail mentioned by the client has been followed. The company promises delivery of reliable products on time along with complete surety of highest quality. By using sophisticated and modern technology, every product is crafted with the excellence of metal processing precisely as per the client`s defined standards.
The devoted team members of the company work hard to fulfill their commitments without letting clients deal with any hassle, delays or unconventional quality. For Hess Precision Laser, Inc. the key to success is in work ethics, professionalism, integrity, and excellence of services.

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