• Address: 4747 Suite D Stratos Way, Modesto CA. 95355
  • Certified: ISO 9001: 2019

Every professional working at Hess Precision Laser, Inc. has an educational degree in the relevant field and complete training of operating machines and equipment. The incorporation of prime skills and newest technology allow our company to accomplish the levels of client`s expectation. We always work to deliver perfect results and look forward to customer`s reviews.

Here are a few details about the machines and technology we use to fulfill every requirement of our clients.

Our technology includes the following:

Mitsubishi Lasers:

We have 2512HC 1600 Watt Mitsubishi and Mitsubishi ML3015eX Plus laser machines. The 1600 Watt machine has the capacity of cutting up to 3/8″ plate materials including metal and plastics various other materials.

ML3015eX Plus Laser machine is not only an updated version of laser technology, but also works automatically to meet the perfection and precision while cutting any material. It is also able to run lights-out operation and ensures to provide faster travel. EX series machine can pierce and cuts more powerfully than ordinary machines. Another amazing feature is its Eco-mode which allow us to provide cost-efficient services. This mode reduces the production cost while the machine is running so eventually our customers get a competitive price list for every task. For faster production, we have two machines, and we can easily meet close deadlines of projects. We are ready to serve our clients anytime and every time. This machine has automated load and unload for 24/7 operations.

Amada Break Press:

Our company owns two break press of model 126-50 by Amada. Each machine is efficient enough to support up to 50 tons of weight and bend maximum 6 ft. longer material.
Latest HFE M2 2204 break press in our work studio can cater to giant sized materials and complex formation options with a limitless variety of bending and pressing. The machine eases up the work by supporting up to 260 tons and almost 14 ft. long material bar, slab or other shapes. With the involvement of modern technology, expert skill set and experienced professionals we smooth and accelerate the process of production by crafting parts at with unmatched accuracy and speed. It also cuts the overall forming cost and allows us to deliver the products quickly to our customers for further processes. We promise you –with our services you will never face issues of unconventional dimensions, rough quality of work or delays during the process.

Flow Water Jet:

Hess Precision Laser, Inc. is equipped with all efficient and amazing machines. Technology advancement makes our company proficient in achieving a superlative degree of quality services. Water Jet model Mach 4 4020C is capable of cutting up to 8’’ thickness material. A wide variety of detailed work can be performed with the machine and specifications of projects can easily achieve without exceeding the time and cost of production.

LaserQC Scanner:

Laser QC Scanner is to meet the requirements of quality control and assurance projects. The machine has the ability to mark and scanning codes at a faster speed. Conventional solutions help our clients to send products to the market in less time.